Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Just another OM

She flashes her big pretty smile every time. The young lady with the pretty round face, Medium light skin, and smooth shoulder length crimson hair at the grocery store always seems to make me smile as She greets me. I feel special. In my mind I think, maybe she sees me as a George Clooney type. Or an Andy Garcia. Maybe I remind her of a nice handsome Uncle. My ego flares up, every time.
On this occasion I go to the pharmacy and there she is. The pretty young red headed lady that always greets me flashing her perfect ivory white shining teeth in that big beautiful smile :-))
"Hi, how are you?"
"Fine" I say. "How are you?"
My ego is inflated. I feel special thinking she smiles bigger just for me.
She finds my prescription, pulls it and notices the price is steep so she checks to see if my insurance has been applied.
She opens the package and "Bowel Prep kit" is prominently displayed!
OH GREAT! Now she knows what's in store for me!
After she adjusted the price (by only $5!), she hands me the package and says "bye"
Somehow her farewell smile didn't seem the same as when she greeted me.
The more I thought about it after I left the more my Ego deflated like a leaking tire.
Now I'm just another "Old Man", preparing for his colonoscopy.

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