Wednesday, April 18, 2012

All is well in the well!

My endoscopic examination went well! It was over before I knew what happened. The DOC said I was good to go!
I had put it off for three years. My family and friends kept reminding me that I should have scheduled one at age 50. I didn't think it was necessary. I eat well and exercise! But as my friend John said, "at least you'll know everything is OK." And it is. Truth be told, I WAS worried.
The staff at the facility was surprised to see my pulse at 38. I was asked if I exercise. "Yeah, quite a bit, sometimes." The nice young nurse apologized for having to try three times at three different locations on my right arm to insert the IV needle. I assured her she's not the first one to have trouble sticking me. "but you have good veins!" she said.
I came home and prepared a lunch (my first solid food in 36 hrs)of broiled Prime Top Sirloin and steamed Broccoli, Carrots, red onions and garlic (yum!) before going to visit Hank at the Bicycle shop.
"hey Hank! How's it going?"
"Great" he said. "I had a colonoscopy yesterday and everything's good!"
"No way! I had one today!"
Needless to say, we exchanged funny stories about our "procedures." Hank is a very funny guy. Our conversation wound up with stories about our memories of vintage Schwinn Stingray bicycles like this
Funny how old guys conversations can go from colonoscopies to vintage bicycles.

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Good to hear Tony!