Sunday, June 3, 2012

If after 40 it's all about maintenance, what is it after 50

I don't know but I was feeling every bit of mid 50's today. The younger friends I run with don't let me play that card and that's why I keep running with them but this morning I sure was glad there was a big group turn out for our Sunday morning long run. It gave me an easy out after 14 miles. I was hoping to get in 20 but I just felt too tired. As though my body was still recovering, after 43 miles since last Sunday. Further proving to me that my body can only take about 50 miles a week before it begs for rest. I'm feeling good about my training. I tell myself I'm training first and foremost to enjoy the run in the mountains, then finish and hopefully do somewhat well, not to win.
I kept thinking about my longevity as a long distance runner. Will the upcoming 50 miler be my last hurrah? How long can I keep running Ultras? I know there are runners older than me who run 50 and 100 milers but can I? Do I want to? At the Pandora's box races last month I saw my good friend Gabe A. as he was smiling while running the half marathon. Gabe has run many ultras throughout the years but now approaching  his mid 60's he's toned it down and only runs the shorter races and maybe a 50K now and then. I want to be like him when I'm 60+. Still running and still loving it.
Meanwhile though, I'll keep running with the young guns and try to hang.
At least for about 10K.


w p said...

For me it's about finding a balance between fitness and pleasure. Not always easy.

Lalo said...

Damn straight hermano....we are not having any of that! Great job out there today! Might not have been your best day but you are training hard. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I think I remember you ran 26 miles of hill repeats less than a week ago & looked damn strong doing so. Keep it fresh & fun!