Saturday, June 16, 2012

Short runs feel good! ...........But so do long ones.

Tapering sure does feel good now. After I started  cutting down on running mileage earlier this week my legs were feeling sore and my body felt tired all over. But now it seems I've recuperated. It felt good to sleep in knowing there was no need to run long. Breakfast  and coffee with my wife as the sun rose this morning, Nice!
On the trail by mid morning and I found myself running up the inclines easily. Those short uphills that I had been walking up. My legs felt good and I was enjoying every minute of it. Of course I still question whether I've trained enough. 45 to 50 mile weeks was all I could or wanted to handle the last couple of months but that ought to be enough for me. My 50 mile run is in two weeks. There'll be More easy short runs until then And that sounds really good.
Now I have to plan race day nutrition. Still trying to figure out the perfect plan.
I bought Scott Jureks new book, Eat & Run. I thought twice about it. You know, another book on running and eating. yeah yeah. I've read a few. But I am really enjoying it. He tells about his life growing up and troubles in his home as a child. Having to deal with his mothers illness at an early age. And how he finds peace running on the trails. It's difficult for us who run long distances when we try to explain to people why we do it. Even we question ourselves. But then on a long run, we discover another reason why we do it. And then we still can't fully explain it.

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