Thursday, June 14, 2012

You know you've reached that certain age when.....

There's noting quite like a classic steel, lugged,  bicycle frame.
Before I was an avid runner I was an avid bicycle rider and still enjoy it very much when I get out on the roads with friends. In 1991 I bought a Bridgestone RB1 steel lugged bicycle that I still ride to this day. I resisted falling for all the hype of Aluminum, carbon fiber, redesigned frames.
I love to ride my quiet comfortable bike. And when properly trained I can still hang with some of the faster guys on their Carbon fiber frames during club rides.  I have changed a few things on my bike over the years and have added new wheels but it's still the same classic Italian style frame. My friend John and I enjoy hanging out at Hanks bicycle shop where we talk about old frames. John recently bought and rebuilt a 1976 model English made frame. It's a bee-ute!
20 something kids are now seeking these classic frames and are turning them into single or fixed gear commuters. They seem to be popping up everywhere.
Today as I was leaving work I saw a young woman in short shorts as she got off her bike near San Pedro Park. I slowed down to take a good look at the bike! Steel lugged orange frame, leather saddle, chrome wheels, pedals with clips, nice! I tried to get a closer look but I had to keep moving to not impede traffic and couldn't make out the frame model. As I rolled away I thought, Hey! That looked like a good looking young lady in those shorts! But she's only a blur in my rearview mirror now.
But that sure was a PRETTY BIKE!

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