Sunday, July 29, 2012

Eat good, Play hard, rub elbows = Live long

I haven't been feeling like running long lately. 3 to 5 mile runs have been just fine. The only long outings for me the last month were a 17 mile run two weeks ago and a 42 mile bike ride last weekend. I really enjoyed that bike ride. I rode with a few old friends. Old as in I've known them awhile but also old as in past middle age. All but two of the nine in our group were in our 50's. We still were spinning at about an 18 mph pace. Not bad for old guys. I was fortunate that it was their recovery ride.
This morning on a local TV station there was a interview with a local Doctor that I found very interesting. The Doc was talking about the places on earth where people live long, their habits, and how we too can live a long healthy life.
One thing he pointed out were that although we here in America live a long life as a whole, we also live the longest with disabilities. Interesting.
The habits he said were important and were those practiced by people who live long Healthy lives were, Have a purpose in life, enjoy time with family and friends, be part of a social group, be spiritual, alcohol in small amounts (he did point out that alcohol is not necessary though), and a good diet, ie; leafy greens, lean meat, healthy fats, and exercise RIGOROUSLY for at least 45 minutes three times a week! So I don't feel bad about my easy 6 mile trail run this morning. But I did throw in a few sprints in the middle miles just to make sure it was somewhat rigorous as the Doctor ordered.
One other thing the Doctor said that confirmed what I've tried to get across to many including a family member (which led to a heated discussion) was that genetics only account for about 20 percent of our overall health. The rest is what we eat and the lifestyle we choose. That reminds me of something I heard from another Doctor who believed the same thing. He was trying to explain that although we may be predisposed to certain illness through or genes, we can turn off those expressions by what we do with food. He said, "In biology, the first thing we learn is nothing acts on it's own"

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