Monday, July 9, 2012


The day after running the North Fork 50, My friend Anthony asked if I'd like to go Jet skiing with him and his buddy at Chatsfield Lake in Littleton Colorado. "Are you Crazy! I can't walk without my leg muscles trembling."
I tagged along with him and his buddy Vince to the lake. As sore as my legs were, it took some real skill climbing up over the back of the jeep to hop into the back seat. I sat lakeside under a tree and people watched while drinking some "refrescos" as they rode the jet skis.
Back in San Antonio I ran two miles on the road four days later (Wednesday), four trail miles Thursday at the weekly group run in Eisenhower Park, two road miles with 12 pushups squeezed in every quarter mile Saturday, a 4 mile brisk walk with V on Sunday morning and four miles today with five hill repeats at Friedrich park with some of the gang. I was surprised I was able to run all the way up the steep hill 5 times.
This is definitely a result of the mountain running.
On the way to meet the gang today a truck comes up behind me honking. It was Anabel!  She pulled up beside me, we lowered our windows and talked at a red light.
As much as I enjoyed my trip and  running in the mountains, it is great being back on familiar trails with familiar faces. As John Denver wrote, "Hey it's good to be back home again." (even though Chris said he didn't miss our hot humid weather while he was hiking in New Mexico).

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