Friday, October 26, 2012


Cactus Rose 50 will have to wait.
 Planning and looking forward to running 50 miles at the race tomorrow, but life intervened.
 I had trained as well as I wanted too. And was ready to have fun on the rocks of HCSNA near Bandera,Tx. when family asked me to attend an event celebrating Union Pacific's 150th anniversary. 
Family day with my grandkids, wife, nieces, nephews, and friends. There will be fun and games, train rides, and Abraham Lincoln will be the guest speaker! He signed the Pacific Railway act in 1862!
I had to ask myself, Will my grandkids remember me telling them about a 50 mile race I ran or will they remember me being with them riding a train and listening to Honest Abe?
I enjoy the friends I have made through out all these years of trail running. Some remain constant and I cherish them. New ones come, and go, and keep it exciting. But in the end, Family is the most important.
There will be another race, another day. Or maybe not. 
There always will be another chance to be with family,
Or maybe not.

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Jeff Farrell said...

Another great post and a great decision!!