Sunday, November 4, 2012

Recreational drug

Running ought to be classified as a recreational drug. And running with good friends, the most potent. Friday I was running alone and ran into my good friend John. I was keeping my target pace but when I saw John it didn't matter anymore. John is recovering from a serious injury that has kept him from running for about a year. We walked and ran to the parking lot as we caught up on the latest happenings with each other.
I left John to finish my run.  I completed the second half of my workout, and was high for the rest of the evening.
Right now I am still high eight hours after running with another good friend. Lalo and I ran a 10 miler in hilly and scenic Alamo Heights. I wondered whether I could comfortably maintain an 8:00 mile pace for 10 miles. Running with Lalo , who slowed his pace today, made it possible and enjoyable. We exchanged thoughts and laughter. Lalo  recanted his Cactus Rose 50 mile race as we cruised the quiet roads this Sunday morning.
We ended our run at Fleet Feet sports where my good friend Paul had just finished his run with the Marathon training group he is running. It was so good to see him. Paul and I go back a ways. We've enjoyed running together in some great places. Rim to Rim to Rim at The Grand Canyon for one.
I've made many friends in all these years I've been running and have created memories that will live on forever. Memories that we as runners love to recall.
I think of what got me into running. It all points back to my love of soccer. I began playing soccer at the age of 6. The year was 1665 when soccer was no where near as popular as it is today. We had the only official league in San Antonio at the Prospect Hill youth sports organization. I made the All Star team one year at the age of 12 and was fortunate to play on a Championship team at age 14.  As All Stars we traveled to Nuevo Laredo Mexico to play. We lost that game 3 to 1 but we were proud of the fact we didn't get blown out and were able to score on a team where the sport is number one. After the age of 14 soccer was over and it was not yet offered at Public Schools. Running continued though.
Yesterday I attended my grandson John's first soccer game. I was so happy when he called me early in the week to tell me he was on the team. I told him I'd buy his shoes and had a great time picking them out. John is not the most talented player but I'm glad he is involved in sports at school. Maybe he'll fall in love with the running part of soccer,  where he'll have the opportunity to enjoy the natural happiness of having and becoming a good friend.
John's team, in the green uniforms, won 5 to 1

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w p said...

Can't express how good it felt to look up and see my old running buddy coming down the path toward me. It had been so long. And, being the true friend he is, he walked/jogged along with me as I finished my work out. Great motivation for me to continue my recovery and training. I hope to be joining you soon on some longer runs!