Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pay it forward

It was a comfortable afternoon today. 78 degrees in San Antonio is almost heaven. I was out on my scheduled speed workout at the Medical Center area's flat gravel trail. It wasn't going so well after 3 half mile repeats. The second 3 I was just trying to hang on.
Trotting on the last interval I saw what looked like an mp3 player on the trails edge. It was a car remote with key. I picked it up and at the parking lot, found the vehicle. It was a brand new Dodge wagon. I thought how I would feel. How I have felt! After losing a key.
I decided to wait by the vehicle until the owner showed up. The parking lot sits at the edge of the trail and every time a runner went by I would wonder if one of them was the owner of the Dodge not yet knowing they'd lost their key. I thought of stopping them to ask. As runners ended their run and walked to the parking lot I watched. No one came near the Dodge. I thought about leaving a note on the vehicle and leaving my number when I see a woman searching the ground and patting her body. That's got to be the one I thought. 
"Is this your Dodge?" I asked. "yes" was her response 
She was so thankful as I told her I had her key.
I hope she spreads the word, that good people still roam this world.
People have done the same for me. I dropped my wallet on the trail one day. A mountain biker found it and brought it to my home! 

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w p said...

Your one of the best Tony!