Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dealing with minor Knee issues, Music makes it all better.

My running form felt better today. A result from the Airosti treatment I had yesterday, no doubt. I developed a left knee and lower leg issue. Some pain but mostly discomfort and something out of whack. The first thing I was told by the Doc was that my IT band and quads are too tight. And it turns out my hips were off kilter. Thinking back this all started when I began training for my next race, the Austin Marathon in February of 2013. I've had this race on my mind since 2000 but a mountain bike event in west Texas on the same weekend with my brother and several other friends kept me from it. Now I am training for it and hope to best my Marathon PR. So, I bought a pair of more cushiony shoes for the road running. That was the what caused my knee issues. It has to be. I had transitioned to minimalist shoes over the last three years and thinking back on that, my injuries had almost disappeared. Now all of a sudden I'm elevated on cushioned shoes and the injuries are back. I'm convinced the shoes are the problem. Back to a more minimalist shoe and the natural shock absorbers in my legs. Along with a strict foam rolling regimen. Doctors orders.
As I descended from the busy streets down to the creek bed on this evenings run I encountered a flute player under the Bandera Rd. bridge. The sound was echoing under the concrete acoustics with the sound of rush hour traffic from the road above as background music. It was truly a unique sound. And with the bagpipe player I saw last Saturday downtown on a street bridge over the riverwalk, it seems San Antonio is turning into an eclectic city. Made me think of Bongo Joe. If you've lived in San Antonio long enough you may remember him playing huge bongos made from industrial metal barrels on downtown street corners many years ago.
Lately Americana music has been streaming into my ears form my iPhone on my runs. Folk, country, blues, and mostly bluegrass. Recently I wondered why I find this music so appealing. My Grandfather played the violin. His style was conjunto. The Tejano version of Alternative country, and born on the farms and ranches of early Texas, uniquely American. This was the first music I learned to dance to as a child. Today a co-worker and I talked about the music we grew up with. Both of us grew up in San Anotnio and were teenagers in the early Seventies. Folk music was very popular and there was so much new music coming out of Austin and San Antonio. A local radio station, KEXL, played all the new local stuff from Artists like Gary P. Nunn, Jerry Jeff Walker, Willie Nelson, Johnny Rodriguez, Freddy Fender, Doug Sahm and Augie Myers to name a few. And from Groups like New Riders of The Purple Sage, Pure Prairie League and The Flying Burrito brothers.
Yes the seventies was the era of Disco Music and I did dance the Hustle. Disco was where the parties with girls were! And I also enjoyed Rock music. Those were different parties though.
Lately though, I am enjoying the varied traditional roots of American Rhythm and blues, Country, Folk, Rock and Roll, and Bluegrass on jaunts on the road and especially through the woods?

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