Sunday, November 25, 2012

Living for the City

The weather was perfect. 40 some odd degrees, a slight breeze and sunshine. A serene run in Leon creek enjoying the beautiful trees turning into shiny tones of red and yellow. Crimson and gold peppered the evergreens. And with Bluegrass tunes streaming into my ears, it made for a calm easy 10 mile run yesterday. Weaving around the trees, in and out of the dry creek bed, through tall grass, and over rocks.
Around a bend in the trail and there he stood! A juvenile six point buck. He stared at me. I back at him. With a hoop and a holler I sprinted towards him in hopes he would run! He did but not very far. Is he not afraid? Accustomed to humans? Or guarding his does? What came to my mind was, I've got to do what I can to keep these deer afraid of people. People will harm them. I am fortunate, I guess, to live next to a protected area where two creeks cross each other and  to be able to run through the woods enjoying nature and wildlife and still enjoy the conveniences of  "city living"  but I'd like to see the wildlife stay wild. Wishful thinking I suppose. Surrounded by Humans, the wildlife will become tame or die.
From about 30 yards away I threw a rock at the buck. Missed the first time and hit him in the chest the second time. He ran off.
Further up the trail another buck. This one surrounded by 10 does. More rock throwing. Some ran, some stood there and stared.
That evening the local news reported the killing of an eleven point buck on the trails in the Medical Center area by two men armed with crossbows. In Metropolitan San Antonio.
Stevie Wonder sang about how difficult it is living For the city

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