Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Still Hurt, and Too Many books!

This broken toe is driving me nuts. Still not healed and going on three weeks of no running. I've attempted to stay in shape by getting on my spin bike but that is so boring. Even with music and on my backyard patio. The DOMS as a result of weight lifting a couple of days ago now has me walking like a duck. I had to get outside and ride!
What an enjoyable ride! The wind in my face, seeing others walking, running, and riding on the trail. Nice!
 I love to read but it takes a really good book to keep my interest. And also I think I suffer from ADD. All my life I've struggled with staying on task. And I have trouble sitting still. Maybe that's why I run. In reading and in life, my mind jumps to the next chapter or goes back to the last. Anyway, I just read "The Hobbit" because I hadn't yet (had a close friend in High School who read many of J.R.R. Tolkien's books) and because I want to see the movie soon. I started reading "AWOL on the Appalachian trail" It's interesting but then I found "Walking the Amazon, 860 days, one step at a time" while rummaging through my closet.  This book was given to me a few months ago and I had forgotten about it. Now this IS one interesting book! The writer does a good job of describing the difficulties of planning the adventure, then of describing the terrain and people they come across. I imagine being right there and wondering how I would handle climbing mountains and walking through jungles.
Then I came across a book I found intriguing. "If I live to be 100: lessons from centenarians." This captured my imagination. Not because I want to find the secret to live to be 100 but because I thought these people must know something about being happy, eating well, and dealing well with life's challenges. I bought the audio book. I tease my brother when he tells me he "READ" a book when actually he "LISTENS" to books. That's not reading! But I bought it because of the other two books I've started (there's my ADD at work). Now my daily listening of Garrison Keillor's "Writers Almanac" will have to take a back seat as I listen to this book every time I get in my truck.
I am only through 5 chapters of the live to be 100 book, but so far it seems that keeping the mind and body active is a good thing. As is living life in the present, looking to the future and enjoying others company.
Since I've been hurt and not able to run, I haven't been stressed by needing to keep up with my training schedule. I am enjoying staying home more, and cooking.  But I still need to get out and run.
I need my time to think, live in the moment, keep the body active, and look to future races on my schedule!

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