Sunday, January 6, 2013

Back at it

Well I'm back on my feet. I started the new year with a 9 mile run with friends on January first! I thought I'd run 4 or 5 alone but after all the e-mails that came through our group dis:all list I couldn't resist joining a group run. That's the great advantage of being part of a supportive group like the Rockhoppers. Motivation. When we began our run I told myself I'd turn around at the 2 or 3 mile mark but the company and the conversation was too good. I couldn't help but think that I really don't have to talk to be engaged with them. Moments of silence are golden. And many times listening instead of speaking evokes sincere feelings of togetherness.
Before I knew it we were approaching mile 4 and I thought, "what the heck, we'll be turning back soon. Won't we?" Thank God Tom made the decision for us to turn around at mile 4.5. Nine miles may have been too much to run after being off for 3 weeks. I did get on my bike three or four times while I was injured but nothing replaces actually running. I was tired at the end and sore the rest of the day but the happiness obtained by running with good company kept my mind off of that discomfort.
I've run 26 miles in the last six days and even though my toe is still a little swollen I think I'll be back in full form soon. I must stay on smooth surfaces for the time being though. Trail running requires all my toes to maneuver over rocks, roots, and ruts.
Thursday a few spanish speakers in our group were interviewed by a local Spanish TV station. I think I did well in my interview. We'll find out in a couple of weeks when the piece airs.
The most interesting question was, "Are you ever on a run and feel like you can't go on? And if so. what do you do?"
I answered by saying "It's very difficult to explain, but one can actually rest while running. Running is a way of relaxing for me. I relax my mind and body while running. And if I feel pain and or fatigue, I calm my mind, breath slowly, collect my thoughts, and slow my pace. Then, when I have rested, I pick up the pace slowly and continue."
Hard to explain. But it happens! Same can be applied in many aspects of life.

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