Monday, January 14, 2013

Adults call it working out, Kids call it fun.

What makes me happy more than any other thing is seeing other people happy. I saw "A whole lotta" kids having fun Saturday. I was part of the Rockhopper volunteers at the Bandera  50 and 100K trail races . We were in charge of the NACHOS aid station, mile 5 for the 50 and 100k runners and mile 36 for the 100k runners as well.
So many wonderful memories and thoughts are still swirling around in my mind that I can't put it to words yet. So I will just link to Photos and more photos
I can tell you my favorite moment was when a young woman running the 100k came in at mile 36 and said she needed a hug. She got it. And after the cutoff time I ran the the course in reverse under a beautiful star filled sky for 5 miles clearing the trail markings and thinking what a wonderful event this is, what wonderfully fun and caring friends we have in our group, and how my long time trail running buddy John and I who handled most of the planning, work well together. He is the meticulous planner, I am the talker (who acts on impulse and puts his foot in his mouth often) trying to motivate folks. I am the yang to Johns yin.

John and I appreciating our Volunteers while Eliot explains details to little Asa (we did actually work some too :-)

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