Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Just don't feel like running today

I planned to run 3 or 4 miles today but driving home I just didn't feel like it. So I won't.
After the hill running work out yesterday I can afford a day off.
I have trained as best as possible for the Possum Kingdom 55K I am running Saturday so this week I can slack off. I should slack off. But how much? Tapering is always the most difficult period leading into a race. How much or how little should I run? It's a burning question we all struggle with. I will run tomorrow (Wednesday) and Thursday but only a little bit. Friday? I don't know, maybe. I ran the day before a race for the first time this year. The day before the Austin Marathon two months ago I put in a bit over a couple of miles and I PR'd the next day! Never before had I even thought of doing that. Training with my good friend Lalo changed that.
I'd heard other runners, those in better condition than I, speak of running the day before a race. I thought I needed all the rest I could get and would rest the two days before a race. Apparently, if you train properly, running the day before a race helps keep you loose.
I'm comfortable with my training and feel I am prepared to have a good day Saturday. It will be a good day because my brother and grandson will accompany me to the race. knowing they will be at the half way turn around and at the finish line will keep me motivated.
Watch out Possums, Here I come.

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Lalo said...

So they were wrong.....u can teach an old dog some new tricks! :-)))

We all worry about the taper and everyone does it differently; however, u probably could have done whatever during that last week and still PR'ed. You put in the hard work and no taper can ruin that.

Go get it on Saturday! Have a great race!