Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hey friends, See you soon!

An old friend contacted me and encouraged me to run a new trail race being put on by another old friend. I took the bait and ran the first ever IAAP 20 mile trail run along the banks of the Medina river in south Bexar county in the month of April. Many friends came out in support, I made new friends on new trails and had a blast.
Last weekend I traveled to Littleton Colorado to visit another old friend and run with him on his one and only trail race of every year, the "Fear the Deer" 1/2 marathon. Anthony, my niece Adrienne,  and I spent quality time together on and off the trails.
Just today a co-worker sent me an article via email on how too much running can lead to negative health issues late in life. I have read these articles and commented on them. As in all I have read previously, this one ended with "but more studies need to be conducted to prove this theory."
What about the positive effects of running? If I don't run I don't meet and make new friends. I/we don't reconnect, maintain, and rekindle old friendships. Is that not a positive health benefit?
I'll keep running. Hope you do too.
See you on the trails friends.

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