Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Ride with Herman. Timmie wants to walk and the gang is already at it.

I was supposed to go on a ride with my friend Herman today but he cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Herman is on the right track though and asked to reschedule soon. About a year ago Herman came to me asking for advice on what exercises or activities I would recommend for an aging pal. Herman was concerned because he couldn't walk far with out running out of breath and found it difficult to bend down or squat. He was amazed at my ability to demonstrate a burpee. Now, Herman can squat, he lifts weights , and is riding his bike. We'll ride together soon.
This made me think of a recent event where I saw an old co-worker. Dave retired some years back. As we spoke, Dave made a comment that made me want to say, "I told you so." But I just couldn't. I had spoken my piece years ago. His comment was, "you work all your life, then you retire and things start to break down, and you get sick."  It doesn't have to be this way! Ruben retired before you Dave, is older, and in perfect health. Years ago Dave relayed to me the illnesses that were creeping up on him. He said I was lucky because I'm fit and healthy. "It's not luck so much Dave! You have to exercise" His response, "I walk here at work."
I told Dave he had to walk consistently for 30 minutes or more and stop eating food from the vending machine and eat more vegetables. His response to walking more? "You sound like my Doctor. To eating vegetables? " I'm not ready for that." Dave was among the gang at work who ridiculed Ruben for eating Garlic regularly and refraining from eating junk from the vending machines.
In the past year there have been three co-workers of mine who have had heart bypass surgery. All younger than me at age 55.
Willie was as fit as they come. Well as they look. He was a body builder but never worked on his cardio fitness. Willie almost didn't make it. Now he is walking regularly.
Joe didn't have time to prepare his lunch. I constantly criticized his meal choices. We've talked since his surgery and he promises he will make better meal choices and is walking also.
Otto was always tired and too busy to exercise. He is now walking for his health and is recovering well. I talked to him today.
Hey! You know what? These guys were not runners! Wasn't I warned running can cause heart problems? Hmmm.
Herman is now biking!
Ruben always biked, rode with me, and got me on the healthy eating routine.
Willie, Joe, and Otto are walking, and maybe.......will become runners!
Gotta go, Timmie wants to walk.

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