Friday, November 6, 2015

My Cactus Rose 50 Mile trail run 10/24/2015, with Orlando

Cactus Rose 50 mile trail run highlights
Race started before the rain came.
Seeing Rosie!
Running with Orlando.
The rain came, without Lightning.
Listening to the wind howl through the hills.
Climbing ice cream hill with Rick Smith and Chris Russell.
Helping a runner who thought she was lost.
Again helping her and seeing her smile.
Playing Rabbit to Orlando on his first 50 miler.
Orlando and I leap frogging with two other runners.
Rebecca recognizing me and reintroducing herself.
Seeing Edward running in the rain wearing sunglasses.
Crossing paths with Jazzy and Jean and getting two BIG HUGS!
Reaching the half way point and getting out of the rain.
Seeing familiar happy faces. Sheila surprised that I was smiling.
Joe P. pointing to me and smiling.
Getting into a dry shirt.
Rani feeding me.
Eating half of a turkey subway sandwich!
Heading back out with Orlando on the second 25 mile loop.
Sheila coming up behind me running the second loop of the relay and pausing to give me a motivational hug.
Seeing Rosie coming down Cairns!
Chatting with Bear on Boyles.
Running with Rebecca descending Boyles.
Two pretty girls crossing my path saying Hi and one of them asking, What's that on your leg? As I looked in shock, she laughed, smiled, and said, Just kidding!
HA! I love it, I said.
Climbing Mount FUJI saying to Orlando, This is the last Fuji Climb.
Rebecca (not far behind) saying, Thanks for rubbing it in. She was doing the hundred and would see Fuji again. Twice.
Arriving at Crossroads being greeted by Rani, Jeanie, and JOHN! The Rockhopper Grand Puba!
Listening to Jeanie tell about how John restored order to Rockhopper Central after Rain and wind had toppled a Canopy and runners gear was rain soaked.
Rani ensuring I ate!
Heading back out for the last 15 miles following Orlando.
More Rain and Orlando saying, This is like when we were Kids running through puddles in the rain.
Orlando and I pausing at a stream to wash off the mud caked on our legs.
Seeing Julie at Crossroads and sharing Hugs!
Orlando's wife Elda meeting us at crossroads. Mile 45. She had so much food I couldn't decide what to eat! So I ate a little of everything.
Seeing Edgar in the field just before nightfall.
Running into Jean as she descended Lucky, with Kelli Newlon pacing her! More Hugs! Hugs are good medicine!
Recognizing Eliot In the dark as he came up on us running the third leg for his relay team. We shared a manly hug!
Orlando saying we had 8 minutes to reach our goal of breaking 15 hours with less than a mile to go and as we hit the thick, sloppy, quagmire. The shoe sucking mud leading to the finish.
Laughing together as we made our way trying to run on the grassy edge.
Reaching the chute to the finish, Orlando said, We have  a little over 2 minutes.
Sprinting in together crossing the finish at 14:58 and change with Elda greeting us there.
Greeted by Ben, Chris, and Rachel at the tent.
My old friend Gabe Ayson, a friend from Austin who was a big influence on me with regards to Trail running so many years ago, and who I had been thinking about recently, coming up behind me to say Hello.
Enjoying post run food and beverages with Orlando, Elda, and Tom.

It was a good run.

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