Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rocks hurt!

Well, I have finally recovered from the 100 miler, half marathon and Flag Football. Now, I have a quad injury. I was out with Tom, Liza and Kelli on a great run at Government Canyon. I was feeling great and running well when I tripped and fell in what I thought was a grassy spot. I just happened to find a pointed rock to land on with my left upper quad. IT HURT!
I knew I had to keep running. Can't let my muscles get cold. I was running and limping along for a while but had to walk the last 2+ miles of our 12 1/2 miler. The pain was greater going down hill.
I am sure I will be hurting for at least a couple of days. Oh well, that's the way it goes in trail running.
After the run we enjoyed watching some of the du-athlon going on at Roger Soler sports in Helotes.
We were offered some bagels and cream cheese. Yum.

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