Friday, April 2, 2010


"A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it to you when you have forgotten the words."
Lately friends have been sharing their life and health concerns. Some are quite serious. We and those close to us, are confronted with many health issues daily. Some things we can can control, others not so. Issues appear and must be dealt with. No need to panic, but many times we do. We must try to eat well, stay active, relate well to others, and find peace in our being. Seeking medical advice is necessary many times. But I believe the mind is very powerful and thinking positive and having a great outlook towards life goes a long way in keeping us healthy. We all have down times, but must try to pull ourselves up. This is where friends and family come in to play. Seek out those that make you smile, laugh, listen, and can be honest with you. Also, be there for those that seek you. You may not always know what to say, but many times all you have to do is listen. Offer what you may, but try not to be judgmental. Today I offered unsolicited advice to an old friend on his weight. My friend is extremely overweight. I spoke to him and projected concern in my tone of voice. He took my advice and said he is trying very hard and has had some success. I told him to keep it up.
Tread lightly, but these things you can say to a true friend without fear.
Also, recently I saw an old friend who was there for me at a very trying time. I again told him how much the comfort he provided me was and is so greatly appreciated. And how I will always treasure it. I believe we should frequently share these feelings with those that mean so much to us.

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