Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Back at it!

Yes, I am now cleared to run! Well, I did cheat by taking walks.
Today the Doc said all is good! Recovery from my "groin" surgery is going well! I may return to physical activity, although he advised me to take it slow. I will struggle with this. I began walking three days ago. Slowly the first day, a little brisker walk the second, and a power walk with hills included the third day. Of course I did not confess this to the good Doctor.
My legs awakened! I felt my leg muscles vibrant and responding well.
I know it will be a slow process getting back to running form. My friends tell me I was in such great shape that it will be no time before I am running strong again. Do I believe this? To an extent, but I must proceed with caution. Care must be taken. As we run we get into a zone or flow and we feel we can go on and on. Oh how I miss that feeling! Again, I must take care and be "awake" as I run and not stay on that ride too long, too soon.
Tomorrow morning I will run before dawn. I'll try two miles to see how it goes! I can't wait!

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shannon said...

Good luck with the run!