Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Leon Creek

OK! Out today for my fourth run after my surgery. And I found a new way to enter Leon Creek before Bandera road. A route that allowed me to get off the road and on to dirt quicker. In the mile of road running from my house towards the creek, there is so much traffic along winding Mainland Rd towards Bandera Rd. This was my first run in Leon Creek since about March! It was great to be back on my "home" trail. The plentiful rain we've had this year has sprouted out very tall grass, weeds, and trees. I've got to remember to rub Badger bug balm on my legs. I have suffered from very sensitive skin all my life, and break out with rashes from exposure to Bugs, and plants, soaps, chemicals, and some people! HA! JK. I've had rashes that have lasted years. The last rash prompt my doctor to dig out a piece of my left inner calf the size of a quarter for a biopsy. She first asked if I minded having a scar. Heck no, another Trophy! Results were negative.
My run went well. It has been taking a full mile before I warm up and get in a rhythm.
But after that I was good. I ran into Glen on his mountain bike. We used to ride together a few years ago.
Today's run was a good one. Tomorrow, Eisenhower park with the Rock-hoppers, and going for 5.

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