Thursday, June 24, 2010


Yes, I get emotional.
Today I ran 3+ miles at Eisenhower Park with Kelli, Orlando and Elda. I am on the road back. Feeling much better today. The best since my return to running after my surgery. It was a great time discussing our recent runs, races and future running plans. It was a blast as we talked about our experiences and memories. Reminiscing as only we as runners and good friends can. As we enjoyed Beer after the run, at one of our favorite breweries (we had Beef and Chicken nachos too), I drifted off emotionally to my one and only 100 miler. Kelli, Orlando and Elda were a big part of it. Along with my other pacers, Liza, Marissa, and Kelley. Orlando and Elda were not pacers, but had committed to be there at the finish. All of them, along with Tom, my brother Andy, and Chris (who ran the race Too) were there for me through out. I could not have done it without them. As I could not have completed my first marathon in 1998 without Sal, my childhood friend who was there for me every 5 miles. This, I thought, is what is so unique about our passion. A passion that we share by supporting each other not only physically but also Emotionally. Every race, and run, is a wonderful trip.
I live for these experiences and this high.

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