Saturday, June 19, 2010

The rocks at GC are still there!

Headed out to Government Canyon State park this morning to run with the gang. Driving up Galm Rd., I noticed a runner on the road up ahead. I recognize that bounce. It was Tom! He was putting in some extra miles. I slowed down and chatted with him for a little bit."See you at the park Tom." Waiting at the gate to the park was Robert. Hadn't seen him for awhile. We chatted as Liza showed up, then John and Chris. As the park ranger opened the gate we proceeded in to register at the check in. Chris, in his usual delivery, said, "Gee Tony, you look good. I thought you'd be weighing about 250 pounds now since you haven't been running" (my usual weight is at about 195). No Chris, it was a struggle but I ate wisely. I gained about 3 pounds while laying off. Not too bad. I do notice I have lost muscle mass the last 3 months. It was great to see and RUN with the gang. We headed out Joe Johnston trail. Not our favorite, a jeep trail with a slight upgrade. The conversation was great. Chris was his usual self, offering colorful topics to discuss. This was my first trail run in 2+ months. The rocks startled my feet! The feeling of being out there was fantastic though. Being back out on the trails . Very quickly I was in the zone. At two miles we paused as I told the gang that was it for Me. I was turning around. As good as I felt, I know I can't rush getting back in shape. 4 miles was all I was going for today. "So long guys" I said as I turned around, and ran back . I was pleasantly surprised as I was still "flowing" on my return. could I have gone further? Maybe, but I made a good decision. Next time, 6 miles? we'll see.

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