Friday, July 2, 2010

A Change of venue

I Met two friends at Friedrich park yesterday for an afternoon run. I forgot how steep the climb was at this park! We started with a short 3/4 mile warm up on flat trails and soon began up the hill. At the top the trail becomes rocky. But rocky as in little ledges of sharp stationary rocks. No loose stuff here. At the top the trail levels off for the most part. This park is small but there are so many ways to make it interesting. Weaving around this collection of 4-5 miles of trails can yield an exciting and challenging run. One short 3/4 mile trail is a climb of very steep steps ending with a trek along a narrow ledge. Very wooded and tranquil is this park. We assuaged our desire for a change of pace. This cannot be said of our plans to try a different watering hole. BJ's was our planned destination for a post run social hour. Upon arrival, there was no place to park and we observed people waiting outside. We wound up at Hills and Dales. A lame attempt of a honkytonk. Smokers abound inside so we sat on the patio and enjoyed a rare, breezy, cool, June south Texas evening, sipping combos of Ales and stouts.
I may return soon to Friedrich, for hill repeats.

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