Monday, July 5, 2010

Recovery run

I went out on a recovery run today, Monday July 5th. A 7 mile run exploring the new paved trails on the Leon Creek Greenbelt south of Bandera Rd. The trail has been cleared to Grissom Rd. About one mile of it has been paved. This adds 2.5 miles to the already 5 miles of paved, wooded trail. I left late, 10:30 AM. It was already hot and humid. This was not the case on our run out at Hill Country State Natural Area on Saturday. The weather was unseasonably pleasant! My friends and I met at our usual spot, the Tiger Mart service station, at 4:00 AM for the 50 minute drive. The forecast called for rain storms. We were only drizzled on a little. Enough to cool us down. Although it was humid, the breezes up on the hill tops were so refreshing. It must be in the 70's, I thought. Naw, can't be. Not in south Texas. In July? You gotta be kidding. The run went well for me. I have been experiencing a little tightness in my left heel/ankle, but I was able to keep pace with Tom who was setting a nice, even, semi slow pace. 14 miles is all I thought I should run. My friends ran a little more. I decided I needed to take the next day off.
later on Saturday as I was driving around tending to errands, I noticed the temperature on a Bank's Marquee, 80 degrees! In July! In South Texas!

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