Monday, November 22, 2010


I bought a pair of Newton Running shoes Saturday. And put them to the test Sunday. I was surprised at how well they performed on the trails. The shoe manufacturer states that energy is conserved as the shoe promotes a mid to forefoot strike and the "lugs" absorb the shock of landing and helps propel the foot forward. I can see how this is how we should run. I am reminded on how we used to run naturally. The modern running shoe was not born until the early seventies. Before then, running shoes were flat with little to no padding in the outer sole. We HAD to land mid foot and lift the foot forward. I believe we got lazy due to all the new cushioning in the new shoes.
Recently I saw a video of the legendary coach Tom Landry running after a team practice. His shoes were flat football cleats. His form was classic as he ran down a country road. Upright, his feet landing softly, his knee rising up, then landing softly again on the next stride. His leg muscles were well defined, with well built calves.
This is how we used to run. I am old enough to remember running like this.
Now we need expensive shoes with "NEW" technology to teach us (old guys) to go back to running naturally.

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Anonymous said...

Great post. Hope the more natural stride helps to core your of.