Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Running with the Champ

It was fun running with the 2010 Leadville 100 Woman's Champ today. Speed work for me. I am sure just a casual stroll through the woods for her. We ran trails we don't normally run. Through the "Birds of Prey" sanctuary. Not a well known place. For now. The new Leon Creek greenbelt paved trail now straddles this park. The paved trail is a good thing, as it will encourage more people to be active outdoors. We ran across a new bridge just completed over the creek only to find out it was blocked at the other end. Construction is not complete. We jumped the barricade. the mountain bikers behind us couldn't do the same and turned back. Really nice mostly soft dirt trails today. A nice change of pace. Really fast pace for me.
Some of our conversation turned to pacing and crewing. And how it is a great responsibility. How we get nervous and afraid we will forget something or not tend to our runner as we should. I mentioned an instance where she snapped at us on her 100 miler, to which she offered apologies. "No" I said. You have every right. We were there for you. As a pacer or crew member, you accept those things and really, expect them. We take these responsibilities knowing that we are there for our runner. And to see our runner be successful is, and should be, our greatest reward.
I mentioned how I used to dream of going out to Leadville and attempt the 100 miler. And how being able to be there with her, and for her, was a tremendous experience for me.
Watching her great performance, and watching her win, was something I will never forget.
I ran some of the Leadville 100 with my friend, The Champ.
I couldn't asked for a better Leadville experience.

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