Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving weekend

!Espero que todos pasaron un feliz dia de gracias!
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! It sounds so much better in Spanish.
What a great extended weekend. 30 miles trail running and fantastic experiences. Friday we had a great group out at Bandera for a 14+ mile run in beautiful, cool, windy weather and new friends. Joe from Indiana, and Chris brought some new friends too. It's exciting and so refreshing to share our passion. Tom set out water, John accommodated Joe, Chris entertained us all (as usual). Saturday I ran alone at Leon Creek on familiar trails. Later in the afternoon we were out at the Leon Creek greenbelt with the Grandkids. I took them on the natural trails. What a blast they had. We saw deer, a bird's nest with an egg in it!
And we snuck up on Grandma as we jumped from out of the woods!
Sunday it was an enjoyable run with John on the northern trails of Leon Creek. Good conversation. Even during the quiet moments, when we lost ourselves in nature, our movement, and our passion.

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