Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Speed work

I couldn't decide where to run today. I wanted to run intervals but not in the sun. Summer seems to finally be here. We had a pretty nice winter and Spring by South Texas standards this year. More cold winter days and more cool spring days than normal. But it's all over now.
I decided on Friedrich park. Friedrich has become my favorite training ground these days. Most of the trails are shaded, there are two steep climbs to work on hill repeats, technical trails to work on foot placement and technique, and flats for speed work. All this on only about 5 miles of trails. Soon though there will be more trails opening up as the park expands.
After a one mile warm up I ran 4 quarter mile repeats with quarter mile recovery in between and a mile cool down to finish it up. A small number I know but I didn't want to push it since it's been awhile since I've worked on speed. Although yesterdays 5 mile run at Friedrich did turn into a tempo run after a slow start. I hope to have a good run at the Pedernales 30k in three weeks. Gotta put in the work.

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